Sonos Sale: These Best-in-Class Speakers Are Up to 25% Off Right Now


A Sonos sale is a rare occasion, so when one pops up, we listen. The coveted home audio brand offers excellent high-end speakers, arguably the best on the market, combining elite sound quality with sleek and attractive hardware. Typically, you can only get a deal on Sonos if you’re willing to grab a refurbished model—which, in all honesty, is a smart move since refurbs are guaranteed to work like a brand new speaker anyway.

Anyone who’s been waiting for a Sonos sale can finally stop holding their breath now. Just in time to score a gift ahead of Father’s Day, Sonos is slashing prices on its speakers and home theater sound systems by up to 25% off.

From the brand’s excellent mini portable speaker, the Roam, to its bass-heavy subwoofer, almost every GQ-approved speaker is on sale. Trouble figuring out what speakers are for you? We have a handy little breakdown of all the best Sonos speakers for every kind of audiophile. There’s really something for every kind of sound lover, whether you need a speaker to pair with your fancy turntable or you actually care who wins the Oscar for best sound mixing. Shop the Sonos sale now because we’re really not sure when (or if) this will ever happen again.

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  • Sonos Roam

    When the Roam first came out, we called it “Sonos’ first essential speaker.” The ultra-portable speaker still feels just as necessary today as it did two years ago.

  • Sonos Move

    From the bedside to the poolside, the Move is the speaker you buy when you need to bring your tunes everywhere you go.

  • Sonos Beam (2nd generation)

    One of the best things you can do to improve your TV’s subpar sound quality is to hook it up to a soundbar.

  • Sonos Arc

    The Arc is Sonos’ higher-end soundbar, and it offers 3D Dolby Atmos, which sort of feels like the sound is coming from all around you, even if you don’t have an actual surround-sound syst

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Sonos Sale: These Best-in-Class Speakers Are Up to 25% Off Right Now

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