35 Travel Products To Help Even The Worst Over-Packers Take Only A Carry-On


7. A TSA-approved travel toiletries pack so you can toss that grungy old plastic baggie you’ve been reusing for the past who knows how many trips. This will easily hold all your toiletries and the silicone bottles make it easy to get every last bit of your product out. 

Jessica Hall / BuzzFeed, Amazon

This set includes a high quality plastic bag, four bottles (two different sizes), four jars (two different sizes), two spray bottles, two product spoons, one funnel, one cleaning brush, and one page of labels.

Before buying this I had just a hodgepodge of random travel size products and a bag that didn’t really fit any of it. I wanted to find a cohesive set, all of which actually had a place to go. Enter this guy. Not only is it all matching, but the variety of bottles, jars, and spray bottles is super convenient for all kinds of different products. The labels are also really helpful for making sure you don’t end up conditioning your hair with body wash. The bottles are incredibly easy to fill because the openings are super wide and you can easily pour directly from the full size bottle.

Promising review: “I absolutely love this travel set!! First of all it looks great, clean, classic. Not only does it come with bottles and jars and spray bottles, it also comes with a spoon, a funnel, a cleaning brush and a page of labels. They thought of everything. The larger bottles for shampoo etc, are made of silicone, so you can squeeze the product out. My favorite thing about this set is the size. It fits into luggage so easily.” —Funnymom

Get it from Amazon for $16.69.

35 Travel Products To Help Even The Worst Over-Packers Take Only A Carry-On

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