A Celebrity Manicurist Told Me These 7 Nail Colours Will Be So Popular In June


For many of us, a new month means a new mani. Whether you’re heading into the salon for a fresh set of gels or DIY-ing with nail polish at home, choosing a new nail colour is always joy-inducing, right? As the weather warms and the rest of summer stretches out before us, I’m all for manifesting that sunshine with a dopamine-releasing colourful manicure (and a pedicure in time for holiday season, may I add) while tapping into the trends for summer months while I’m at it.

Iram Shelton created this beautiful milky manicure for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of nail trends doing the rounds. We can’t ignore the pearl and chrome nails that have been dominating our feeds of late—and even mermaidcore has reached our fingertips with the release of The Little Mermaid. But sometimes, it’s nice to go back to basics with those timeless summer nail colours that will see you through all occasions. 

To find out which nail colours will be popular in June, I asked celebrity nail technician, expert, and Bulgari Hotel’s resident manicurist, Iram Shelton, to share the nail colour shades that she’s being requested right now. Get ready to screen-grab these for your next nail colour refresh and shop the exact polishes that Shelton recommends to create the looks.

“Blue is a huge hit at the moment, and like last year, OPI’s Nature Strong polish in shade ‘Shore is Something” has done it again,” says Shelton. “This vibrant pop of colour is all you’ll be needing this summer. It’s so beautiful and really lifts your mood. It’s a colour that will definitely make you feel summery.

“With that in mind I have recently shared a baby blue by Chanel in shade Muse and that has also been one of my go-tos,” she adds. “It flatters the skin and is a great alternative for those who aren’t into strikingly bold colours. Although this is only available in lacquer, it leaves a beautiful gel-like finish,” she says.

“We’re never going to get away from neutrals,” says Shelton. “Whether it’s the sheer nudes to the fully pigmented skin tone nudes, they’re here to stay. I think there’s a current obsession around being effortlessly chic and “stealth wealth” that appeals to so many people that we’re now reverting back to shorter, more natural looks,” she notes. “This isn’t just with nails mind you. It’s with fashion and make up also. Less is more and I really like that.” Shelton’s favourite neutrals are some of OPI’s classics, including Bubble bath, Put It In Neutral, Baby, Take A Vow and Bare My Soul. “These are my go to shades always,” she says.

Shop the trend:

OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath

“White is a must for summer, especially for toes,” says Shelton. “I just think it’s more of a uniform. You know you’re ready for your holidays when you’ve got freshly painted white toes.” Indeed, white is the ideal pedicure colour, and it will always go with any outfit, not matter what you are wearing. Plus, a bottle of white polish is ideal to keep on standby for French manis, too.

Shop the trend:

Dior Dior Vernis in Jasmin

“How can we not be into pink? I’m definitely in my Barbie era and cannot wait for the new Barbie film to be released,” says Shelton. “It’s a feel-good colour and you can be any Barbie you want, so whether that’s a bright and bold hot pink or a baby pink, it’s entirely your decision,” she says. “OPI I Quit My Day Job is a beautiful pink which looks great on all skin tones. It’s the perfect shade for summer.”

“Red is a classic and will forever be trending. It’s such a sexy colour that will definitely make you feel good. My top reds are Hermes Rouge Casaque. It is a super-pigmented lacquer and leaves a gorgeous high-shine finish,” she says. OPI Big Apple Red and Cajun Shrimp are also amongst her favourites for summer red. “Big Apple Red is a true red and Cajun Shrimp is more of an orange-y red! Both are stunning.”

Shop the trend:

Hermes Les Mains Hermès in 064 Rouge Casaque

Our love affair with milky nails isn’t going anywhere this month. “My holy grail for this is OPI Funny Bunny,” says Shelton. In fact, this is the exact shade that celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt used on Hailey Bieber’s viral doughnut glazed nails last year. “This is another iconic shade that is lovely for those who love white nails but just don’t want anything too bold,” says Shelton/ “I prefer a milky nail to a stark white on darker skin tones as I think it compliments it better,” she says.

Shop the trend:

OPI Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny

Not a colour, but a whole look that’s set to be hugely popular this month, says Shelton. While we’re seeing plenty of colourful French tips, a classic white French feels fresh. “I feel incomplete if I’m not wearing french on my toes,” she says. “It can look beautiful on hands too, of course, but it can make your feet just look super pretty!” And there are so many versions of French tips to try. “Pops of colour are so fun for summer, but when you’re going away on holiday and don’t have an outfit planned it’s best to go for a classic French manicure as it’ll go with absolutely everything,” says Shelton.

A Celebrity Manicurist Told Me These 7 Nail Colours Will Be So Popular In June

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