The C-Cut Is The Nostalgic Haircut Trend That’s Making a Chic Comeback


As a beauty editor, I’ve seen many hair trends come and go, then subsequently come back around again. Right now, we’re officially in our bob era. Of course, the bob is a timeless haircut, but it’s hard to ignore how many celebrities are going for the chop right now. From the Italian bob to the box bob and just about every type of bob haircut in between, it’s a hair trend that’s going strong in 2023. And every single hairstylist I speak to in salons says it is one of their most requested haircuts right now. But it begs the question: what’s the next biggest trend?

It’s been hard to ignore a certain nostalgic hairstyle that has been doing the rounds on my social feeds lately. We all know Jennifer Aniston’s iconic ‘The Rachel’ haircut from the nineties, and those flicky layers that accompanied hairstyles into the noughties. And I’m here to tell you that this trend is back in a big way and has a modern update: the C-cut hairstyle.

The C-cut, as the name suggests, gets its namesake from the shape of the layers that form a flattering C shape around the face. To achieve that feathery flick, some hairstylists like to use a razor (as did Aniston’s hairstylist, Chris McMillan, when he created ‘The Rachel’) which results in plenty of texture, shape—and So. Much. Volume. I’m obsessed with the bounce.

The good news is that the C-cut (or the curve haircut, as it’s also been coined) suits all hair lengths. I’ve been seeing it on every hair length, from bobs with sleek C-shaped layers to longer lengths that have so much bounce and shape with this haircut. And on curly hair, this cutting technique allows the curls to fall in a C-shape, with volume at its peak at the sides of the face before curving back inwards.

If you’re looking for some C-cut hairstyle inspiration, scroll on ahead for the chicest styles I’ve found, as well as the best products to style the curve haircut.

The C-Cut Is The Nostalgic Haircut Trend That’s Making a Chic Comeback

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