These Italian Beaches Are Enforcing Strict Daily Visitor Limits — Here’s How to Book Your Spot


Sardinia is allowing visitors to secure a spot through an app.

Published on June 2, 2023


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This summer, the hottest ticket is snagging a prime spot on a beach in Italy.

With a record number of tourists expected to travel through Italy this summer, the beaches in the country are making new changes to preserve the quality of the Italian vacation experience. (Last summer, an estimated 2.1 million Americans traveled to Italy, according to a government report.) This includes enforcing capacity limits, rolling out admission fees, and regulating the number of beach towels. 

Multiple beaches in Sardinia, an island on Italy’s west coast, will have some of the strongest capacity limits, according to a new report from CNN. The report shared the daily cap of four beaches:

  • Cala dei Gabbiani: 300 visitors 
  • Cala Biriala: 300 visitors 
  • Cala Goloritze: 250 visitors 
  • Cala Mariolu: 700 visitors 

Sardinia’s Spiaggia La Pelosa implemented a ban on beach towels — fines start at 100 euros (roughly $107) — according to the report. Those visiting Cala Goloritze, which can only be accessed by foot or boat, have to pay 6 euros ($6.50) to enter.

To secure a spot at these beaches, download the Heart of Sardinia app and make a booking at least 72 hours before your visit. Beaches requiring an admission fee (like Cala Goloritze) can be paid online or at the entrance with cash.

The beaches won’t be the only tourist attraction that will be charging a new admission or regulating visitors this summer. Earlier this year, the Italian Tourism Minister announced that the historic Pantheon in Rome would be charging an admission fee, where previously it was free. 

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These Italian Beaches Are Enforcing Strict Daily Visitor Limits — Here’s How to Book Your Spot

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