This Club Helps You Find Flights Up to 90% Off From Your Home Airport


If you’re perpetually on the hunt for the most affordable airfare, you might want to look into a Dollar Flight Club membership. Dollar Flight Club is a subscription service that alerts you to major airfare deals — we’re talking $500 savings on average, according to the company. In fact, on their website, Dollar Flight Club says the service can “find flights up to 90 percent off leaving your home airport.” Yes, this means you no longer have to scour flight search engines for hours to find the cheapest flights. Instead, they’ll just pop up in your email. Here’s everything you need to know about Dollar Flight Club, including how it actually works and how to effectively use your membership.

How Does Dollar Flight Club Work?

Dollar Flight Club searches the internet for the best flight deals — including error fares — and sends the results directly to your email inbox. You can also access flight deals via the website at any time. Depending on your membership tier, you can set your alert preferences to your home airport, your favorite destinations, and your preferred dates. Or, if you’re totally flexible, you can keep your search parameters broad to ensure you see all possible flight options. Just remember that you’ll likely want to move fast with booking, as these deals are often fleeting.

How Do You Book Flights Through Dollar Flight Club?

Dollar Flight Club is not a booking service on its own. When it alerts you to an airfare deal, you’re redirected to other websites, such as Google Flights and Skyscanner. From there, you’ll be able to see how you can book your flight, whether that’s through the airline itself or a third-party vendor.

How Much Does Dollar Flight Club Cost?

Dollar Flight Club has a free plan, but a premium membership costs $69 per year and a premium plus membership costs $99 per year. There’s also a 14-day free trial for Premium memberships, but be sure to cancel before that period is up, otherwise you’ll be charged for the full year. Given that the average savings is $500 per flight, it’s easy to recoup that membership, potentially even after one booking. It’s also worth noting that Dollar Flight Club sometimes offers lifetime memberships for extremely discounted prices, and it also has quite a few sales. 

What Are the Differences in Membership Plans?

Free Memberships 

Free memberships are pretty limited in their usefulness — you’ll get three emails a week showing deals from one home airport. They’ll always be in economy class, and they’re for international flights only. 

Premium Memberships

Premium memberships allow you to choose up to four home airports; you can see deals for both international and domestic flights in economy; and you’ll receive daily emails with deal alerts. You’ll also have access to some Dollar Flight Club Partner Perks.

Premium+ Memberships

Premium+ Memberships include all the benefits of a Premium membership, but they also include first- and business-class flights. You’ll also have access to the full roster of Partner Perks.

What Are Dollar Flight Club Partner Perks?

Dollar Flight Club Partner Perks are bonus deals for paid Dollar Flight Club memberships with third-party providers. The range is pretty vast and includes deals on travel gear, guided tours, and accommodations. Some sample partners include AllBirds, Babbel, and Viator.

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This Club Helps You Find Flights Up to 90% Off From Your Home Airport

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