Tom Holland Wore One of 2023’s Hottest New Watches


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Dress codes have never mattered less when it comes to watches. These days, you’ll spot rugged stainless steel watches at even the fanciest of black-tie galas. But there are some hallowed grounds where thematic dressing becomes simply irresistible. Take last weekend’s F1 Grand Prix in Monaco, where celebrities gathered almost exclusively in watches made for driving. The best of the bunch was Tom Holland, who wore Tag Heuer’s new “Glassbox” Carrera

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When this particular piece debuted at this year’s Watches & Wonders, the defining industry tradeshow, I described it as another piece of tinder for what was already the hottest model of the year. xFew pieces are having a better 2023 than Tag’s Carrera, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The festivities started with a limited-edition reissue of a beloved silver-and-black version from the late ‘60s. Holland’s watch is a callback to another vintage Carrera, known as the “Glassbox” for its bubble-like crystal, which magnifies the numerals around the edge—a neat visual trick that allows the watch to do away with the bezel entirely. I got to try on the new Carrera in March, and the layout makes it feel very svelte. 

Naturally, this piece found its way to Holland, who has proven himself an ace watch collector. He’s shown off Cartier Tanks, Rolex Daytonas, and even wore a limited-edition version of Tag Heuer’s blocky Monaco to the F1 Grand Prix in 2021

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Nikola Jokic’s Rolex GMT-Master II 

The Denver Nuggets’ two-time MVP Jokic is winning over a lot of haters during this playoff run, including those who doubted his ability… to collect sick watches. Jokic rolled into the first game of the Finals against the Miami Heat wearing the black-and-blue Rolex “Batman.” Some collectors call this particular model the “Batgirl” because it’s on the more elegant Jubilee bracelet, as opposed to  the standard (and less showy) Oyster. 

John Mulaney’s Rolex Air King 

Well, it looks like Mulaney ended up with a Rolex after all. In his latest special Baby J, Mulaney tells a harrowing/hilarious story about him buying a Rolex as part of a convoluted scheme to get money for drugs. “That one—HI!—I love that watch, I want that watch please,” he recounts telling a salesperson at the Rolex store on Madison Avenue. But after making up a story about a fingerless brother to rush through the transaction as quickly as possible, Mulaney sold the watch to a store that he remembered as “Sell Your Watch Right Now NYC.” The final punchline: “Why don’t you name a better way to make $6,000 in five minutes by only spending $12,000?”

Anyway! You thought that might be the tragic end to Mulaney’s relationship with Rolex, but the comedian appears to have received a watch and actually held onto it this time. This vintage Air King’s understated dial seems like a much better match for the comedian than the rose-gold piece he describes in his routine. Hopefully, Mulaney never uses this stainless steel watch to “mush metals.” 


Max Verstappen’s custom Tag Heuer Monaco 

Tag Heuer literally just released this skeletonized Monaco last week, as part of a trio of new timepieces. Still, the newest new-new is still not new enough for Verstappen, who celebrated his Grand Prix victory by wearing a custom one-of-one version of the new Monaco. Verstappen’s version features a red “1” on the dial that signifies “his status as F1’s top driver,” according to a press release. Two stars signify his two championship wins.  The finishing touch is a caseback engraving that reads “One of one.” The watch was a personal gift from Tag Heuer CEO Frederic Arnault. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Chris Pratt’s Panerai Luminor 

Panerai opened a massive store in New York City on Thursday night, and Pratt, a longtime collector of the brand, was there to party. He showed up wearing the brand’s Luminor, the model that’s most emblematic of what Panerai does best: its massive diameter harkens back to the big-watch trend of the ‘90s, when the brand was first embraced by megastar superfans like Sylvester Stallone and Pratt’s father-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

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Tom Holland Wore One of 2023’s Hottest New Watches

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