Eva Mendes Says She Shaves Her Face Often Because She’s a ‘Beast’: ‘My Hair Grows Back If I Get Chills’


The actress and entrepreneur took to Instagram to share the beauty technique that makes her skin ‘glow.’

Published on June 6, 2023 04:21 PM


eva mendes/instagram

Eva Mendes is not afraid to get real about unwanted facial hair.

The actress, 49, dedicated two Instagram posts on Monday and Tuesday to her experience with dermaplaning, the skincare technique that involves shaving away the top layers of skin and hair on the face. 

She said her treatments at the Beauty Villa Vergara spa in Beverly Hills, California, were “heaven.” In an earlier post teasing her treatments at the spa, she said, “There’s no other place like this.”

“I guess “dermaplaning” is the preferred word but it is what it is and I LOVE it!” Mendes wrote in her caption on Instagram.

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Mendes, 49, received hundreds of comments from curious fans with questions about her experience and responded to many, including one from a commenter who asked about how frequently she gets the treatment.

“I’m a beast so I probably need every other day! Ha. My hair grows back if I get chills,” she commented. “I’ll literally be shaving my legs in the shower and get chills and all my work is undone!”

When another commenter asked Mendes if she notices a difference in how her skin feels after the treatment, she replied by writing, “Yes…makeup and moisturizer goes on much smoother. I’m hairy tho. My Cuban Papi is a man bear and I’m his mini me.”

eva mendes/instagram

Mendes gives her Instagram followers an intimate peek at her beauty treatments and fashion choices often. 

She shared a series of photos on Instagram in March featuring a behind-the-scenes look at her mornings, including her routine for her newly red hair and her fashion choices for the day.

The first picture she shared is a closeup shot of her pouting face surrounded by her red locks. Mendes is also pouting in the second photo and shows off a stunning leopard-print silk dress. She paired her dress with a green handbag in the third photo, where she takes a selfie in front of an orchid.

“Resting Eva Face,” she wrote cheekily alongside the photos. “Early Work Day.”

Mendes’ glamorous fashion and beauty posts aren’t the only things she shares with her followers, though. In a picture she posted last week wearing a vibrant matching set, she authentically shared in the caption, “Oh and this @caracara_nyc two piece? I just love it and want to celebrate the designer. Today, my real look is my t-shirt and sweats.”

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Eva Mendes Says She Shaves Her Face Often Because She’s a ‘Beast’: ‘My Hair Grows Back If I Get Chills’

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