Exploring the Under-the-Radar K-Beauty Road Shops

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Established names such as Etude House, Innisfree, 3CE, and Missha are deservedly well-known within the K-Beauty scene for their outstanding makeup products that offer great value for money. While these brands garner much attention and feature frequently in beauty vlogs, other noteworthy brands in the road shop arena aren’t as widely discussed, despite boasting exceptional product ranges. Here, we’ll spotlight five lesser-known road shops worth adding to your K-Beauty repertoire.

1. Aritaum: Artiaum is your one stop shop if you’re looking for a place that holds a bit more luxury products. With brands like Laneige, Sulhwasoo, and Mamonde, this is a place you want to visit to get the best deals on skincare sets.

2. Banila Co.: For an unparalleled cleansing balm experience, Banila Co.’s Clean It Zero is a must-try. Renowned as one of the finest in the market, it effortlessly dissolves even the most stubborn waterproof makeup, all without dehydrating your skin. However, the allure of Banila Co. extends beyond this cult favorite. The brand houses a diverse range of other skincare products that are equally worth exploring during your visit to their store.

3. Clio: When durability and smudge-proof makeup are your top priorities, Clio should be your go-to makeup brand. Renowned for creating products that withstand the test of time, Clio offers a lineup that includes not only some of the most enduring eyeliners but also an impressive range of eyeshadow palettes and cushion foundations. Each of these offerings would make a worthy addition to your makeup arsenal, guaranteeing a flawless look that lasts all day.

4. The Face Shop: With a shop called ‘The Face Shop,’ you would hope that they have all the things needed for you to be able to achieve the most flawless skin, and that’s exactly what this shop offers you! Especially their rice water line, it’ll give you baby-soft skin with all the natural glow you need! On top of that, there’s always some kind of collaboration going on, and their packaging is always spot-on!

5. Nature Republic: If you’re a fan of the ‘au naturel’ aesthetic, Nature Republic should be your ultimate destination. Embodying the richness of global natural resources, this brand presents some of the finest products available. Be it their diverse range of sheet masks, potent ampoules, or subtly hued lip balms, each product is crafted with the utmost respect for nature. For those seeking to incorporate more natural ingredients into their skincare and makeup routines, Nature Republic undoubtedly holds the key.

What are some other Korean road shops you think are underrated that deserve more spotlight?

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Exploring the Under-the-Radar K-Beauty Road Shops

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