The Flash Review: An Epic Time Travel Adventure


After the box office flop of Shazam: Fury of the Gods, the DC Extended Universe is back in a flash. The Flash is one of those superhero movies that has been in development for so long it’s hard to believe it’s actually coming out. It’s been passed through an absurd number of writers and directors over the years. Nevertheless, it has been integrated into the DCEU, with Ezra Miller reprising their role as Barry Allen/The Flash from Justice League. The film is written by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey, Bumblebee) and directed by Andy Muschietti (It).

The Flash is an excellent time-traveling adventure film with humor, emotion, and joy. The film appropriately plays its opening logos in super speed in a crimson hue. Like all good superhero movies, it begins with the hero on a smaller standalone mission where they save the day. This movie opens with an epic action set piece with The Flash and Batman (Ben Affleck). It’s great to see these two fight alongside each other again with Batfleck back in action. The sequence also has some CGI babies reminiscent of Son of the Mask, which feels a little goofy along the lines of a Saturday morning cartoon, but it’s still fun.

The emotional core of the story exists with Barry’s parents. His mom was killed when he was a child, and his father was accused of the crime. Barry discovers early on that he can run faster than the speed of light, meaning he can turn back time. He wonders if he can use time travel to travel to the past and save his mother. The film follows his attempt to save her and the repercussions of his actions in a time-travel story that feels perfectly suited for the character. It’s a marvelous experience to watch this story unfold, with turns that will take you by surprise.

The best thing about The Flash is how Barry’s goal is tied to his emotional trauma. He wants to use his superpowers to right the wrongs he has experienced but ends up digging a deeper hole for himself. Although the emotions largely disappear during the second act, they are prevalent during the first and third acts and are the catalyst for the film’s events. There is one line of dialogue that feels like an obvious setup for a third-act payoff, but beyond that, the movie is superb at taking the story in dark, emotional directions.

Multiverses are in style these days. With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel has been exploring the concept. Hell, the 2022 Oscars Best Picture winner was multiverse movie Everything Everywhere All at Once. It was only a matter of time before DC took their shot at the multiverse, using time travel to bring Barry Allen into the world of Tim Burton’s Batman. There’s something truly special about seeing Michael Keaton in a role he hasn’t played since 1992 as we explore Wayne Manor and the Batcave, accompanied by Danny Elfman’s famous musical score. This movie will put a smile on the faces of anyone who loved Batman (1989) and Batman Returns.

The film’s biggest fault lies in the villain department. The movie recycles the conflict and villains from Man of Steel, complete with bringing back Michael Shannon as Zod. It relies on your knowledge of that other movie to feel Zod’s presence as a villain because he barely appears in the first two acts. Furthermore, Zod is known to be Superman’s adversary, which makes his appearance in a movie led primarily by The Flash and Batman strange. It makes the most sense when he faces off with Kara Zor-El/Supergirl (Sasha Calle). Supergirl is a welcome addition to the DCEU, and she makes the most of her limited screen time.

However, The Flash gives you the epic superhero action you’re looking for, especially in the final act. The movie is filled to the brim with fan service. The way Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was a treat for Spider-Man fans, The Flash is sure to be a wonderful experience for fans of DC movies and heroes. Audiences will cheer when they see what Muschietti has been cooking. Miller is excellent and funny as the hero, and Keaton steps back into his former role with ease. This is a must-watch movie for DC fans, and it puts aside a bigger action finale for a more emotional conclusion. This movie is pure entertainment and emotion, with a lot of surprises that superhero fans won’t want to miss.

SCORE: 9/10

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The Flash Review: An Epic Time Travel Adventure

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