17 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Clothing Deals of 2023


Let’s be honest here: the early Amazon Prime Day clothing deals aren’t even really Prime Day deals. As of now, we’re still over a month away from the big ol’ dealfest in question. (Allegedly—Amazon is notoriously coy about the start date of its signature shopping bonanza.) But do you really need a Bezos-sanctioned sale to take advantage of an honest-to-goodness bargain? No, you do not. See, deals aren’t bound by holidays or end-of-season blowouts, though there’s plenty of those going around now, too. Thankfully, scoring the come-up of your dreams is no longer the exclusive domain of highly specific, entirely arbitrary shopping “events”—you just need to know where to look.

If you don’t, relax: your pals at GQ Recommends aren’t about to sit back and leave you out to dry. So, in anticipation of the big day (which, lest you forget, is still—allegedly!—over a month away), we plumbed the superstore’s every nook in cranny in search of those mythical “early Amazon Prime Day clothing deals”. And you know what? We found a surprising amount of ’em, from sleek automatic watches to summer-ready huaraches to breezy linen shirts and more. You could totally hold off for the real Amazon Prime Day, but when the deals are this juicy, why wait?

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  • Corridor Acid Plaid Rumba shirt

    Not sure if this falls under micro- or macro-dosing, but either way, this camp shirt is a serious trip.

  • Columbia Brewha II shorts

  • Deer Stags huarache sandals

    Crochet shirts, mesh shorts—why shouldn’t your feet get in on the see-through action?

  • Reyn Spooner Cocktails Aloha shirt

    Please note: you will still have to actually request PTO even if you’re wearing this very OOO shirt.

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17 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Clothing Deals of 2023

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