5 Chic Summer Outfit Ideas That Will Bring Your Linen Shirt Into 2023


Okay, we’ll admit it. We’re linen obsessed. From understated, minimalist dresses to breezy trousers, there’s a lot to love about the warm-weather hero, and there’s no wardrobe that couldn’t benefit from having a light linen option stored away ready for an impending heatwave. Summer is the best season for slipping into easy, fuss-free layers, and the linen shirt in particular has been providing the fashion set with plenty elegant of options for years and years.

From Meghan Markle’s airport looks to Angelina Jolie’s holiday wardrobe, linen shirts appear time and again when looking for summer inspiration, and now that the the weather is finally warm enough to break out airy shirts (before we quite literally break out in a sweat), now there’s no better time to talk about the different ways to wear them. 

Even though the linen shirt is a timeless classic, it can be easy for it to feel quite “samey”. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a handful of easy-to-replicate outfits that bring the shirt up to date with just a few key pieces and some standout accessories. So before you pair a plain white shirt with a safe beige trouser, here are five easy outfits all built around the linen shirt that feel effortlessly cool. You’re welcome. 

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5 Chic Summer Outfit Ideas That Will Bring Your Linen Shirt Into 2023

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