Chaco Sandals Are Still the Shoes You Need This Summer


Over the past couple of years, a strappy and sporty style from longtime sandal makers like Chacos and Teva became a bit of a cheeky trend among the menswear set. The dad-ish sandal style suddenly became cool, somewhere between ironically and semi-ironically, alongside a newfound obsession with the Grateful Dead and that band’s fun-loving style. The shoes even showed up on stylish dudes like Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig and multihyphenate star Tyler, the Creator. (Both guys liked the style so much they wore them for GQ photo shoots.) And now it looks like one of those brands—Chacos—has another potential hit on its hands. This time, there is no chaser of irony needed—this is just a straight-up well-designed sandal, for hippies and traditional menswear heads alike.

This style isn’t a nod to the kicks worn by crunchy hikers or free-spirited hippies. Instead, it has more in common with design-minded sandals made by the likes of Suicoke, Visvim, Yeezy, and Prada. (Think the type of open-toed footwear John Mayer or Seth Rogen would wear.) Dubbed “Chillos,” the sporty slide is a modern-looking slip-on designed with easy-wearing comfort in mind. There is a contoured footbed for arch support, and the ethylene-vinyl acetate construction means they are so lightweight they float in water. The smartly designed straps (complete with a cinch buckle) add a bit of new-wave style flair, and the kicks are offered in several earthy tones like fossil and teal. (Not to worry: Classic colors like black are also available.) And the best part? A brand-new pair will only cost you $50.

Chacos made a slide sandal with the silhouette and details to make it as covetable as its high-end counterparts. The type of shoe that feels just at home when paired with Patagonia baggies or flowy Comme des Garçons trousers. If you’re looking for a sandal for your daily trip to the bodega and back or just something to lounge in around the house, it’s got you covered. You can wear it semi-ironically if you want, but know this summer slide can hang with the best of ’em.

Not sure what to wear your new slides with? You’re in luck: all the piping-hot menswear you need this season is compiled below, in our handy-dandy guide to beating the heat in style. Naturally, we’ve got you covered on the essentials—shorts, shades, swim trunks—but don’t forget to make room for a few capital-S Swerves, too. When your shoes are this chilled out, the absolute best way to wear ‘em—whether it’s with a slinky knit polo, an airy linen button-up, or just a bare torso and some frosty jewelry—is with clothing that leans all the way into the vibe. 

  • Chaco Sandals Are Still the Shoes You Need This Summer

  • Chaco Sandals Are Still the Shoes You Need This Summer

  • Chaco Sandals Are Still the Shoes You Need This Summer

A Sultry, Sheer, Absolutely Sexy Shirt

Summer is a time to show off some skin, but there are more ways to reveal your sexy self than wearing short shorts or leaving your shirt unbuttoned. A tantalizingly translucent shirt made from a lightweight sheer fabric or mesh or a polo shirt with a knit that’s loose enough to let your skin peak through are great options for turning up the heat while staying cool.

Knickerbocker cotton Yuma polo


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Chaco Sandals Are Still the Shoes You Need This Summer

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