I Searched Through Hundreds of Summer Midi Dresses—These 25 Are the Best


Once the clouds part and the temperatures rise, it’s impossible to resist the pull of the midi dress. No other item is as suitable for sunny days and if you choose the right one (Cotton or linen iterations get our vote) it his the trifecta of being easy, polished and comfortable. Plus, this dress type lends itself well to the summer accessories we get excited about every year. Think rustic basket bags and strappy leather sandals. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that all my seasonal must-haves could fit neatly into one outfit with the midi dress as my base.

Midi dresses come in many forms; you can go all-out with a vibrant floral number, or take things back to basics with a ribbed tank style. If you pay any attention to trends, you’re likely already aware of the dresses fashion people are filling their wardrobes with this summer. Hint: shirring and smocking are front-and-centre. As usual, it’s the classic silhouettes that have caught our eye, but there’s also a healthy dose of bold prints, ruffle detailing and tiered skirts to appeal to the maximalists out there.

Take a look below at the best midi dresses at every price point, whether you’re in the mood to splurge or you’re looking to try out a trend without breaking the bank.

I Searched Through Hundreds of Summer Midi Dresses—These 25 Are the Best

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