19 Amazon Sunglasses Worth the Price of Your Prime Membership


Not too long ago, the only answer to “Amazon sunglasses?” would’ve been an emphatic: “They exist!” The ‘Zon has always been a haven for time-strapped shoppers looking to snag cheap-o sunnies before they jet off to Capri. But recently, the Everything Store has made a concerted effort to round out its UV-blocking assortment, calling in favors from big-name brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley, and adding a couple of cult-loved eyewear experts to the mix, too.

You can still find $15 weirdo shades loitering in the aisles, but now they’re rubbing shoulders with glitzy aviators, Y2K-drenched wraparounds, and classic Wayfarers that’ll outlast the next 15 micro-trends. The fact that all of them can be at your door faster than you can say “union violation”? Best not to dwell on that reality too long, actually (but maybe take a quick pitstop here along the way).

To save you the time of sifting through the mega-retailer’s endless sunglasses assortment, we took a cheery, not-at-all-frazzling jaunt through the digital morass to unearth the waviest shades worth your dollars. From retro-leaning frames that’ll pair nicely with your stack of summer reading to gleaming polarized lenses that’ll look just as good on the field as they do at brunch, the best Amazon sunglasses have come a long way. Whoever said patience is a virtue never experienced the heady thrill of Prime shipping.

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  • Oakley “Oo9238” Sunglasses

    No, they’re not technically rose-colored, but Oakley’s razor-sharp polarized shades bump up the contrast so the world looks better and brighter.

  • Ray-Ban “Rb3025” Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

    Because, as it turns out, you don’t actually need to operate a plane to look this fly.

  • Eagle Eye “Fiton” sunglasses

  • Columbia “Utilizer” wrap sunglasses

    The rock ‘n’ roll sunglasses of the great outdoors.

19 Amazon Sunglasses Worth the Price of Your Prime Membership

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