23 Best Black Sneakers for Men in 2023: Adidas, Nike, Vans, and More


Here at GQ Recommends, we dig a crisp white sneaker as much as the next guy. (No, seriously. We’ve got a problem.) But the best black sneakers for men make a convincing argument for the dark side, the footwear equivalent of Emperor Palpatine whispering sweet nothings in a young Padawan’s ear. Turns out, black shoes are the perfect low-maintenance alternative for any serial puddle-swervers, and engaging in illegal activity isn’t a prerequisite to wearing ’em. (Most of the time.)

The Best Black Sneakers Shopping Guide

These days, every sneaker brand worth its weight in StockX authentication tags makes blacked-out versions of its best sellers, and if you’re sick of breaking out the OxiClean every time you take the subway they’re worth investigating. Do a little research and you’ll unearth a treasure trove of pitch-black gems, from athletic shoes you can wear exploring the great outdoors to casual shoes you can wear avoiding said outdoors like you’re allergic to smogless air.

If these 23 options—the very best black sneakers for men—don’t make you renounce the Jedi path (or at least acknowledge the positively Yohji-esque drip of their evil counterparts), nothing we say will.

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  • Oakley “Chop Saw” Sneakers

  • Nike Air “VaporMax Plus” Sneaker

    Still hits.

  • Onitsuka Tiger “Mexico 66” Sneaker

  • JW Anderson “Bumper Hike” Low Top Sneakers

    The greater the distance between your feet and the pavement, the closer to style go

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23 Best Black Sneakers for Men in 2023: Adidas, Nike, Vans, and More

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