A French Woman Walks Into Zara—These 26 Anti-Trend Pieces Will Catch Her Eye


I’ve spent a large part of my adult life essentially cosplaying a French woman. I’ve fully subscribed to what I admit is the cliché idea that they all dress classically, swerving trends in favour of pieces that feel more timeless and, to my delight, Parisian. Think cotton blouses with delicate embroidery, basket bags which give good Gallic girl, and jeans without rips or tears or embellishments—just jeans that look as if they were vintage and passed down by an equally stylish maman to her fille. Having written about all-things French style for over a decade now, I’m pretty confident that I can pick out the sort of thing all the stylish French women I follow would wear before they even do so. When I went into Zara this week, I couldn’t help but feel like things in store were looking very French indeed. 

Between fluid tailoring and throw-on dresses, in a spectrum of neutral linen and cotton, Zara’s summer edit doubles up as the perfect French-inspired capsule. I see woven leather bags that are akin to those I’ve seen at flea markets filled with such bags, leather-bound books and mis-matched glassware. Okay, before nostalgia swallows me whole, let’s get back to the task at hand; what I think a stylish French woman would walk into Zara and contemplate buying, i.e. a the perfect manifestation of my current shopping mood. Scroll below to see my edit of French-inspired Zara items, all of which are anti-trend and easy to wear. Parfait!

A French Woman Walks Into Zara—These 26 Anti-Trend Pieces Will Catch Her Eye

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