The Right Watch to Wear On Your Wedding Day, According to the Watch Illuminati


“The Milgauss was my first and only Rolex at the time. As a doctor, I absolutely love the history of the Milgauss. I purchased it from one of my dear friends who is still a secondhand dealer. It was all around a win-win. Sadly, I don’t have that watch anymore.

“This is a pathway for most people. You get married young and usually without a lot of discretionary income. If you love watches, you want to grow your collection which generally means selling or trading up.”

“The watch bug hit me about a year before I got married. At the time, I was deep in the process of learning all things vintage watches, but I didn’t own many watches. To be more precise, I owned two watches: an overly polished vintage Tudor Submariner (reference 7016, for the Tudor nerds out there) and a very simple vintage, two register Heuer Carrera with a brushed silver dial (reference 3647S). For me, the wedding watch decision was easy. The Carrera was classy, well sized for formal occasions (36mm), and looked killer on a black strap. I wore a traditional black tux for the wedding, so the general aesthetic worked perfectly (in my opinion, smaller is always better for watches paired with formalwear). 

“Now is the part where I fess up. I ended up selling the watch not long after my wedding. While on my honeymoon, I came across (and ultimately purchased) a $5,000 “Ed White” Speedmaster, and the purchase was the biggest of my life at that point. After buying the Speedmaster, I started feeling irresponsible and decided to sell the Carrera to ‘rebalance my books.’

“While my time with my wedding watch was short, I’ll always have fond memories of wearing it on one of the important nights of my life.”

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The Right Watch to Wear On Your Wedding Day, According to the Watch Illuminati

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