14 Maxi Dresses Fashion People Are Wearing Non-Stop This Summer


It’s official: I’m a maxi dress convert. After years of being a midi loyalist, with the occasional minidress in the mix, I’ve decided it’s time to expand my horizons (or my hemlines, at least).

I’ll admit, Instagram has played a big part in opening my eyes as to why maxi dresses are so great. Previously, I dismissed them as frumpy and unflattering, but I’ve now realised it’s all down to the styling. And if anyone knows how to style something in a way that makes it appealing, its fashion influencers. My saved folder speaks for itself—IRL I dress pretty simply, but there’s everything from neon orange suiting to low-slung jeans in there. Thanks to these expert dressers, I now recognise the power of the maxi. And just in time for summer. Phew! And, not only are floor-sweeping frocks comfier than their shorter counterparts, but they’re also more visually impactful. In other words, you can keep the accessorising to a minimum and let your dress do the talking.

But Instagram hasn’t just convinced me to give maxi dresses a go; it’s even guided me to exactly which ones I should start with. Keep scrolling to see them in action, then shop our favourites if you too have noticed a maxi dress-shaped hole in your wardrobe. 

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14 Maxi Dresses Fashion People Are Wearing Non-Stop This Summer

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