Portuguese Flannel Makes Your Next Camp Shirt


Portuguese Flannel is one of menswear’s best-kept secrets, and also a bit of a misnomer: the indie shirting imprint really is based in Portugal, but its remit encompasses a whole lot more than flannel. Sure, the blanket-soft fabric remains a house specialty, but these days, you’re just as likely to encounter one of its nubby jacquard camp shirts as you are its brushed plaid button-ups. Which brings us to the point of the blog you’re reading (skimming?) right this very second: for a couple of seasons now, the decades-old family business—still based in the achingly picturesque city of Guimarães—has been busy cooking up some of the raddest summer shirts on the market, at prices that belie the quality involved.

Hold up, big dog, you’re probably thinking to yourself. If Portuguese Flannel is such a big secret, how do YOU know about it? For one, it’s kind of my job. For another, in a highly official poll of my colleagues’ favorite summer shirts, the brand came up…frequently. Like, oddly frequently. So now we’re blowing the lid off the operation, in classic GQ Recommends fashion. All we ask in return for our fearless journalistic service is that you pay the good vibes forward—if you rock with one of the shirts below, pass the link on to a less dialed-in homie, too. It’s like Juvenal always wondered: quis gatekeep ipsos gatekeepers?

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  • Portuguese Flannel “Bahia” camp shirt

    The product description tells us this is gauzy cotton number is an “obvious choice for the beach or the poolside”. It’s not wrong—but we’d add a hazy night out to the list, too.

  • Portuguese Flannel cupro camp shirt

    Like tencel, cupro is a rayon fabric that approximates silk’s lustrous feel, but tends to be way less pricey. If that sounds a little too wonky for you, all you need to know is that it’ll make you feel really, really sexy.

  • Portuguese Flannel tapestry camp shirt

    Stop worrying about enriching the tapestry of your life. Start worrying about enriching the tapestry of your closet.

  • Portuguese Flannel “Nori” camp shirt

    Went to school with a very dapper fella named Nori. He spelled it differently, but he still would’ve loved this shirt.

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Portuguese Flannel Makes Your Next Camp Shirt

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