Jonah Hill, New Dad, Continues to Dress Like a Dad


Jonah Hill—Oscar-nominated actor, personal style maven, possible streetwear cult leader—welcomed his first child with his girlfriend Olivia Millar last month. Which means, just in time for Father’s Day, the ever-fashionable Hill can officially add yet another title to his resume: dad-style icon.

This week, Hill and Millar took a stroll in Malibu while dressed in some very new-parents duds: Millar wore a cozy, psychedelic-print sweater and flip-flops, while Hill sported a classic “dad hat”-style baseball cap and a breezy Hawaiian shirt tucked into his belted, worn-in blue jeans. Not not a typical off-duty Jonah Hill outfit, for sure, but certainly a very dad-coded one. (The turquoise socks peeking out atop his baby-blue slip-on Vans were also a nice touch.)

Long before he became an actual father, Hill has seemingly dressed in preparation for this moment. He’s long championed Patagonia Baggies (the official shorts of dads everywhere). He’s never been shy about a dorky shirt-tuck. And, more recently, he’s dabbled in bleached hair (a staple of many post-fatherhood life crises), Uggs (comfy, convenient, perfect for a school drop-off run), and matching sets (dads hate overthinking a fit). Even his delightfully bushy, devil-may-care beard suddenly feels more apropos and fatherly than ever. All of which is to say: whether you’re a dad or not, it’s worth dressing like one this Father’s Day weekend. As Jonah Hill proves, paternity has never looked so

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Jonah Hill, New Dad, Continues to Dress Like a Dad

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