30 Chic Buys From the Arket, & Other Stories and Massimo Dutti Summer Sales


The summer sales are now in full swing, with brand new deals arriving every day. Even if you’re a seasoned pro at finding the best, most worthwhile discounts, it can be overwhelming. If you’re the kind of person who gets stressed just thinking about sales, the influx of offers is enough to send you running for the hills. But fret not, myself and my fellow expert Who What Wear editors are here to guide you through the summer sales season, without you breaking so much as a sweat. Not only will you survive to tell the tale, but I can personally guarantee you’ll find some incredible deals on buys you won’t regret along the way. 

How, exactly, do we plan on doing this, you ask? Well, it’s our day jobs to scroll through the endless pages of sales buys from every fashion brand and retailer you can think of (it’s a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it). That means we gain a lot of perspective on what the really, really good deals are, and with our decades of industry experience, we can also tell which pieces will make truly timeless investments, rather than regretful impulse buys. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be digesting the masses of sale items for you, and bringing you concise edits of the genuinely unmissable pieces. 

You can already find our bumper guide to the best summer sales here, which will be being regularly updated. But, today, I want to dig deeper into three of the most exciting sales I’ve seen already this season (and trust me, I’ve looked through a lot this week). ArketMassimo Dutti and & Other Stories—arguably the elite triumvirate of premium high street stores—have all kicked off their deals this week, with up to 50% off.

It’s not the amount of money off that I’m most interested in, though, (of course, more is always better) but it’s the quality of products that really matters when trying to shop the sales wisely. Arket, Stories and Massimo all have amazing sale offerings of chic linen buys, pretty dresses, classic essentials and expensive-looking accessories—and that’s just a snapshot of what’s on offer.

My personal recommendations? I always suggest looking for year-round capsule buys that you may need to top up on first—think Massimo Dutti’s perfect trench coat, or their gorgeous leather crossbody bag. Arket’s best-selling blazer (seriously—it’s the most sold product on Who What Wear of all time!) is unbelievably on sale, as are a few of their famously good striped jumpers. Then, think about what you were already considering buying for right now—is that a pretty, versatile dress you can wear to all those upcoming summer weddings, as well as in the office during these heatwaves? Maybe, it’s a pair of go-with-everything strappy heels or comfy black sandals that you’ll pull out summer after summer? For both, & Other Stories has an impressively good edit. 

The thing is, with the sales being so good, these items are bound to sell out fast, so choose wisely but move quickly if you’re looking to invest. Keep scrolling, and you’ll find 30 of the best sales buys—as recommended by an editor and stylist—from Arket, & Other Stories and Massimo Dutti. You’re welcome!

30 Chic Buys From the Arket, & Other Stories and Massimo Dutti Summer Sales

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