4 Expensive-Looking Colours Even Minimalists Will Want to Wear


In the world of fashion, colour can be surprisingly divisive. There are those who layer as many shades together as possible, whilst others forgo it completely. And after spotting Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a soft sage green dress earlier this week, I knew it was time being embracing colour, but, as always, with an expensive-looking twist. And through my research I’ve found four colours that look expensive at any price point. 

As a devoted minimalist, I’ve spent years constructing a capsule wardrobe of foundation pieces that make for easy outfit combinations, even on those “I have nothing to wear” kind of days. But with such a focus on longevity I’ve been guilty of staying within my grey-scale comfort zone. Though sticking to the basics can work for many, there’s a particular joy that is expressed through colour, and this summer I’m more eager than ever to explore new shades. Perhaps it is that my foundation pieces have been working hard through autumn, winter and spring, so it feels right to add a point of difference for the new season. A pop of colour here, a dash of pastel hues there, and a treasured capsule wardrobe looks completely brand new. Or maybe its being surrounded by summertime, with yellow sunshine and blue waters encouraging me to look beyond the neutral tones I’m accustomed to.

But what’s the trick to adding colour to your wardrobe? Well, there’s two main steps. First, opt for pieces you are already drawn to. If you never wear mini skirts you’re unlikely to rewear a mini skirt in a bold hue. But try your trust midi style in a brand new hue and I bet you’ll pull it out time and time again. Or if you’re still unsure, start small. Be it a handbag, shoes or even sunglasses, a small change can make a big difference. Second, forget go hard or go home— you won’t catch any fluoro neons or vivid shades in this list. Though there’s a case to be made for every hue on the colour wheel, any of which can look expensive with the right cut and design, I’m focused on one’s that will easily integrate into a minimalist wardrobe, and look expensive doing it. And these four fit the bill.

Ready to dip your toe into expensive-looking summer colours? Let’s go. 

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4 Expensive-Looking Colours Even Minimalists Will Want to Wear

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