Buttonless Polo Shirts Are the Hottest Polos On the Planet Right Now


Knit polos are everywhere. The style’s rise to the top isn’t all that hard to understand: they’re comfortable, come in a million different colors, and promise to up the swank factor considerably on any outfit you’d usually wear with a tee. (The slew of high-wattage celebrity endorsements helps, too.) Really, what’s not to like?

If you’re reading this, we probably don’t have to do much convincing. So allow us to formally introduce a variation on the silhouette that might not be on your radar: the buttonless polo, an ever-so-gentle upgrade that—wait for it—does away with those pesky buttons entirely. If you’re the type of fella who already considers the buttons on his polos ornamental, ditching them for good shouldn’t be much of a stretch. But the simple tweak lets the polo do what it does best: help you look pulled-together no matter where you find yourself—a fancy dinner date, an impromptu run-in with the in-laws—while saving you from the starchy clutches of a stuffy dress shirt.

Todd Snyder seaside stripe montauk polo

Banana Republic luxury touch polo

An added perk: The lack of buttons also creates a sharp “V” at the neckline, so the collar flatteringly frames your face. Combine that with shirt’s bicep-hugging, shoulder-swaddling sleeves, and it’s no wonder big-time action stars can’t get enough of it. And that pitch-perfect cut is precisely what makes one so easy to wear. Simply pair with pleated pants, loafers, and an A-list smile, and then toss on a necklace (or five) to eat up all that newfound real estate around your clavicle. 

And with summer on the horizon, the buttonless polo’s time to shine is once again nigh. When the weather is this steamy, futzing with any extraneous details—like, say, buttons—feels downright Sisyphean, especially when you’re hustling out the door to hit the onslaught of rooftop hangs on your calendar. So to help you breeze through those long days and sweaty nights, we combed through the worldwide web to find the best of the genre on the market right now, done up in everything from breezy crochet knits to plush terry cloths to kooky printed cottons.  

Séfr Mate Linen Polo Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch Geometric Johnny Collar Sweater Polo

Plus 8 More Buttonless Polos Worth Your Dollars

Andersson Bell “Crea” polo

Sunspel Honeycomb-Knit Cotton Polo Shirt

Commas floral crochet cotton polo shirt

Adidas x Wales Bonner polo shirt

Reiss Redbourne Stripe Textured Quarter Zip Polo

Gimaguas “Pietro” polo shir

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Buttonless Polo Shirts Are the Hottest Polos On the Planet Right Now

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