Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023: 21 Game-Changing Menswear Deals to Shop Immediately


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023—AKA the retail blockbuster of the summer—is a land flowing with menswear deals. Or, at least, it will be. Said sale hasn’t quite arrived just yet, but the Nordy sale is so big that the traffic-o-meter is picking up signals weeks in advance. For all of you wondering when the sale happens, how it works, and what exactly will be on sale, you’ve come to the right place. At this point, we can’t tell you what will be on sale (we simply do not know). But we can tell you that, if it’s anything like the past few, uh, decades, it’ll be jammed full of closet-boosting goods from household names to up-and-coming designers as well as top-notch grooming products to keep you looking and feeling fresh all summer long. Not only that, Nordstrom‘s become a go-to retailer to upgrade your humble abode so you can bet there’ll be tons of pieces to upgrade your domicile, from decor to kitchenware and all the home-y stuff in-between. Unlike most sales, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has a bit of a lead up that’s a little more complex. Here’s the break down:

  • July 3: Online Preview begins and lets you see exactly what will be on sale. You can bookmark your favorite pieces which makes for a faster checkout experience once the sale is live. Bookmarking products won’t hold them in a cart, but it will have them corralled into one page which makes checking out faster once the sale is live.
  • July 11-16 Nordstrom Cardmember Early Access. If you want to get in on the bonanza as early as possible, you’ll have to be a Nordstrom Card Member. Signing up for the Nordstrom card will get you access as early as July 11, depending on your status.
  • July 17: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to everyone. The floodgates are open and everyone including non-cardmembers can shop the sale.

With all that said, you can still get in on some amazing deals far ahead of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023. That’s because there are still plenty of deals in Nordy’s regular ol’ sale section. So if you just can’t wait til the big day, you don’t have to! We rounded up some of the best deals you can take advantage of right now—you’re welcome.

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  • Theory “Sylvian” stripe knit button-up shirt

    Wear this oversized along with a pair of big ol’ jorts and you’ve mastered a high-low summer fit.

  • Dickies “Jackson” nylon cargo shorts

  • Paraboot Reims mixed media lug sole loager

    Go get ’em, tiger.

  • Alexander McQueen painted figure leather card case

    You might not have the credit score to land you a metal credit card, but you can have a cool wallet and that’s almost just as cool.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023: 21 Game-Changing Menswear Deals to Shop Immediately

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