Summer Has Arrived! 20 Quick and Easy Hairstyles That Still Look Chic


If you have a beach day planned or a holiday on the horizon then you’re probably already thinking about what outfits you’ll wear, what beauty essentials you’ll be packing, and what hairstyles will work for the occasion. The first two are easy to figure out—a bikini, sandals, and SPF. But when it comes to choosing a beach-appropriate hairstyle, you’ll be up against the elements. So regardless of your hair type, colour, or length, it’s important to choose a hairstyle that will stand up against wind, sea, and heat—that will last all day, is easy to achieve, and that won’t result in knots and tangles.

But fear not, from easy up-dos to soft waves, messy buns, and loose braids, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for beach hairstyle inspiration this summer.

While loose, messy waves are always on trend for summer, according to Syd Hayes, session stylist and BaByliss Pro ambassador, this year’s take on beach hair is about a slightly more lived in and effortless looking classic flat, beachy wave—what Hayes terms ‘the lazy girl luxe wave’. “It’s looser and feels almost wispier and grown out but with a glossy finish,” he explains. “It’s the perfect second day, summer hair look—fresh from the beach but still looking healthy and glistening in the sun.”

What’s more, this classic beach hairstyle is super easy to achieve. “For this look it’s really important to start with a good base, adding volume to the hair so it still feels full, thick and not too flat,” says Hayes. “Create volume in the hair using a mousse or foam at the roots—I like the Sam McKnight Cool Girl Volume Foam—focusing on the root area so hair appears more three dimensional,” he adds. “Once bone dry, add kinks and waves to the hair using the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Waving Wand – it’s important to not create curls as this will create a very different look.” And the key to giving this hairstyle an unintentional and ‘lived in ‘ vibe?  “Alternate the direction of the wave and keep the ends out for a fresher take on the classic beach wave,” Hayes recommends. “And once done, brush out the waves so they’re more wavy and less curly.”

Scroll on to see the best beach hairstyles. 

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Summer Has Arrived! 20 Quick and Easy Hairstyles That Still Look Chic

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