The “Basic” Hairstyle Celebs and Fashion Girls Always Wear


As someone who quite honestly just can’t be bothered to spend hours styling their hair on a daily basis, I am always on the lookout for hairstyles that look good but with minimum effort. And while a ponytail might be one of the first styles that spring to mind if you’re looking for something quick and easy, it isn’t the most favoured look amongst celebrities and fashion girls. No, their “basic” hairstyle of choice is actually the bun. Why? Well, it takes basically no skill (just twist up your hair at the nape of your neck or on top of your head and secure with a hairband) yet it has the ability to add major cool-girl points to your look in moments. Trust me.

Keep scrolling to see 25 of the best bun hairstyles as demoed by some of my favourite celebrities and fashion friends. Oh, and check out this step-by-step guide on how to get the ultimate bun if you’re a total newbie to the style.

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The “Basic” Hairstyle Celebs and Fashion Girls Always Wear

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