Jeremy Strong, GQ, and Loro Piana Celebrate Milan Fashion Week


On Saturday night in Milan, GQ and Loro Piana hosted a candlelit dinner party with actor Jeremy Strong and the Milan fashion community. GQ global editorial director Will Welch, GQ Italia head of editorial content Federico Sarica, and Loro Piana CEO Damien Bertrand welcomed guests to the Cloisters of San Simpliciano as the sun set over the Renaissance courtyard.

To call Jeremy Strong a fan of Loro Piana would be a large understatement. As dinner got underway, Loro Piana CEO Damien Bertrand recounted how, when he started the job a year and a half ago, he received a long handwritten letter wishing him congratulations and success in the new role. It was from Strong. In his role as billionaire scion Kendall Roy in Succession, Strong had been studying the history and craft of Loro Piana—and practically living in the clothes. “He was sharing with me his love for Loro Piana,” Bertrand said. “I’ve kept the letter on my desk ever since.

As guests like Moses Sumney, Yoon Ahn, Chloe Wise, Andrea Bosca, and Francesca Ragazzi arrived, Strong explained his deepening relationship with the 99-year-old Italian luxury brand. “For Kendall, Loro Piana represented a supreme, rarefied level of luxury and comfort and the sort of if-you-know-you-know thing, and that’s part of the story we were telling with the character,” he said. “For me, I just love that quality of obsessiveness and relentlessness and the unending search for an elusive perfection. For me, elusive. But for them, actually quite achieved.”

See how the night unfolded below.

Jeremy Strong, GQ, and Loro Piana Celebrate Milan Fashion Week

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