Without a Doubt, These 13 Nail Colours Always Look Classy


It’s safe to say that we love nothing more than getting our nails done. I know this because, every week, the stories we write about nail art and trends are consistently our most popular. This piqued my interest—what do people want when it comes to their nails? Are we more inclined to ask for short nails over long? Oval over square? Art over solid hues? When I visited my salon last week, I was curious to find out which colours were proving popular right now 1) to inform my choice and 2) to report my findings back to you. My manicurist responded, “Everyone wants timeless shades.”

It’s perhaps unsurprising that we’re turning to more classic colours. I’m no exception, either, for the colour I chose was a rich, deep shade of burgundy, which I thought would help bridge the gap between my more colourful and neutral outfits.

Nail colours are less of a commitment than a new piece of clothing, shoes or a bag but have the same ability to give your look a new-season refresh. So I’ve charted the latest ones that prove insanely popular season after season. And for good trend-led measure, I’ve thrown in a couple of of-the-moment shades that’ll give your style a swift update. Scroll on to see all 13 of them.

Without a Doubt, These 13 Nail Colours Always Look Classy

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