Beyoncé Snuck Into Harrods After Hours to Stock Up On This Luxurious Scent


Key notes: Cognac, cinnamon, tonka bean, oak, praline, vanilla, sandalwood

So, what does Beyoncé smell like? Angels’ Share is a warm cognac that you’d expect to find into the fanciest of cellars, aged in oak barrels and spiked with captivatingly sweet tonka bean, decadent praline and sweet vanilla upon a sandalwood base. Beyoncé is far from the shy and retiring type, and I can see her wearing this commanding fragrance that matches her energy; self-assured, confident and enigmatic. And at £185 for a 50ml bottle, she smells damn expensive too. But thankfully, this is one of those perfumes that has serious longevity, and will walk into the room before you do, so you’re getting your money’s worth.

The fragrance is part of Kilian’s The Liquors collection (which are inspired by founder Kilian Hennessey’s eighth-generation inheritance of Hennessy, who are leaders in cognac) and is housed in a beautiful art deco bottle that resembles a glass you’d find in an expensive bar. And I can totally visualise this being on her dressing table while she gets ready.

And Beyoncé isn’t the only celebrity fan of Kilian perfumes. Rihanna’s favourite perfume is reportedly from the brand as well. Her pick is Love, Don’t Be Shy—a white floral and marshmallow perfume that is hypnotically sweet.

Want to smell like Beyoncé? I found all of the variations of Kilian Angels’ Share. I have a feeling this will be flying off the shelves soon as the BeyHive follows suit in wearing her favourite perfume.

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Beyoncé Snuck Into Harrods After Hours to Stock Up On This Luxurious Scent

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