17 Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Style for $50 or Less


Summer’s arrival means one thing: your calendar’s about to be absolutely stuffed with boozy dinners, sweaty roof hangs, and half a dozen extemporaneous trips to the beach. Sounds fun, right? Here’s the catch: one way or another, all that stuff costs money (often lots of it), which might not leave you with much left over to ensure your wardrobe is up to par. So to help guarantee your empty closet won’t infringe on your chances of having an absolute blast this season, we curated an infallible grab bag of surprisingly affordable warm weather upgrades, from impossibly sexy polos to supremely leggy shorts to leather sandals that’ll send you sauntering through Capri. And when we said affordable, we mean affordable—everything on this list is 50 bucks or less, which means you’ll walk away with fistfuls of extra cash to spend on a plane ticket (or, at the very least, another round of brews for the homies).

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17 Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Style for $50 or Less

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