Jacob Elordi’s Scrunched Nike Socks Are a Hilarious Fashion Week Flex


Jacob Elordi is no stranger to the high-low fashion matrix, a governing theory of getting dressed that stipulates each designer zig must be balanced by an everyman zag. He likes his Gucci x Adidas sneakers scuffed, his Bottega Veneta bags overflowing with tchotchkes, and his Prada jackets boxy and otherwise discreet. So it wasn’t a total shock when the actor turned up at Valentino’s runway show last week in what might just be the ne plus ultra of the form: studded Chelsea boots with Nike crew socks peeking out above the ankles.

In theory, wearing socks available by the multipack on Amazon with a white button-up, metal-tipped tie, dainty shorts, and leather blazer sounds a little nuts—in practice, well, it’s still a tad gonzo for most of us. But on the cusp of a banner season for dress shorts, it also answers an impossibly pressing question: What socks, exactly, should I wear with my fancy designer thigh-highs? Elordi’s answer is a little bro-ish, sure, but it’s also the most obvious one. Why, the socks you already own, of course!

Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks

There’s always the chance the Aussie sensation simply forgot to pack enough dress socks for the fashion week circuit, but even if he did, he’s not wrong to assume that a crisp pair of ribbed crew socks can pull overtime in almost every situation. (Just a few years ago, we advocated wearing the black version of these exact socks to the gym, to the office, and just about everywhere between—even weddings!)

If you’re interested in exploring the high-low matrix further, this probably isn’t the first place we’d start. But if you’re looking to re-up on all-purpose hosiery before a legion of bros beats you to it, now’s as good a time as any. We’ve never seen Nike sell through its inventory of socks before, but the sway of Gen Z’s leading man is unusually strong. Stranger things have h

Jacob Elordi’s Scrunched Nike Socks Are a Hilarious Fashion Week Flex

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