8 Summer Shoe Trends That Will Elevate Your Basic Jeans


If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I live and die by a good pair of trusted jeans. Over the years, I’ve collected my fair share of tried-and-true denim that I’ll wear any time of the year, rain or shine— including in the hot, sweltering summers of New York City. My saving grace throughout those 25-degree days where it feels like stepping outside is worse than entering a sauna? Having a good pair of comfortable shoes to go with them. 

While I love to preach about the importance of a thoughtful, curated wardrobe in the name of sustainability and ease, sometimes, all that gets me through is throwing on a pair of great walking shoes that look and feel good on my feet. Enter eight shoe trends I can actually get behind now that summer is settling in. From chic flat sandals to editor-approved micro heels, these shoe trends are incredibly current and are a massive relief in a world full of six-inch platforms and step counts in the thousands. If you’re looking to spice up your basic denim jeans this year, look no further than these eight summer 2023 shoe trends.

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8 Summer Shoe Trends That Will Elevate Your Basic Jeans

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