The Chic and Understated Nail Colour I’m Seeing On Everyone Right Now


Nail trends and nail art come and go, but there are some classic nail colours that truly stand the test of time. No matter the season, you’ll find these requested in salons year-round—trust me. Among those timeless shades, red nails are considered to be one of the most classic shades, followed by pink nails and neutrals like beiges and browns. But, there is another shade that I think is deserving of timeless status among this roster of classics, and that is white nails.

Okay, hear me out. You might associate nails as a summer nail trend, but I’m here to tell you otherwise. I agree that white nails make a perfect holiday or summer manicure in general, but, there is something to be said for this monochromatic hue year-round. For one, it goes with absolutely everything in your wardrobe, and it also has the ability to instantly brighten your fingertips. White nails are bright without being as loud as neons are, yet they still managed to be understated.

And there are so many ways to wear white nails. We’ve seen the sheer, milky white nails take off this year, as well the as white chrome effect from the glazed doughnut nail trend (thank you, Hailey Bieber). But, white looks just as good in a lacquer of standard polish, too. In fact, there are so many white hues to choose from. Much like how there are hundreds of whites to choose from when you’re looking to paint your bedroom walls, there are a variety of white undertones to choose from—think bright, brilliant white or those more subdued off-white tones, or even creamy oat milk or vanilla hues. There, I’ll say it: white nails suit absolutely everyone (and it works great as a pedicure colour too).

Ahead, you’ll find plenty of white nails ideas and designs for your next manicure.

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The Chic and Understated Nail Colour I’m Seeing On Everyone Right Now

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