The One Trainer Brand French Women Always Reach For


Ever since I saw Phoebe Philo walk out at the end of Celine shows during her tenure wearing Adidas Stan Smiths shoes, I’ve kept a pair in my wardrobe—just like many other chic women I know. The style embodies elevated fashion and captures that certain je ne sais quoi of modern-day dressing. I’ve effortlessly paired mine with tailored jackets and office-ready trousers, as well as with dresses and a denim jacket in summer and jeans and sweatshirts for busy errand days. If a pair of trainers could represent a French woman, it would undoubtedly be a pair of Adidas sneakers.

Beyond being simple, white leather shoes, the entire Adidas brand has become synonymous with cool, French girl style in recent years. The brand’s Sambas embody the spirit of fun-loving, trend-forward individuals hanging out in the Marais neighbourhood. Ultraboosts grace the feet of stylish, on-the-go mums picking up produce and taking their impeccably dressed babies to the Louvre. For the fashion-savvy, the Stan Smith reigns supreme (although we do have a soft spot for colorful Gazelles too).

And if you’re anything like me, you want an affordable sneaker that can complement any outfit. Fortunately, nearly all of Adidas’ bestselling, easy-to-wear styles are priced at £150 or below. Plus, if these looks can’t convince you of French women’s obsession with Adidas shoes, I honestly don’t know what will.

The One Trainer Brand French Women Always Reach For

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