The Biggest Fits of the 2023 NBA Draft


The NBA Draft happens every June, but it serves as Christmas morning for big fits. And this year fans at the intersection of basketball and menswear found some delightful gifts under the tree. The GQ Sports social team was on hand at Barclays Center on Thursday night to talk to the draftees about their looks, some of which are sure to enter the draft night canon.

There was no shortage of jewelry, bright colors, and designer accessories on the red carpet. Those who went near the top of the draft showed out with some traditionally ostentatious outfits, fitting of a league that has become as fashion-crazed as the NBA. And in addition to the usual photos of 19 and 20-year-olds posing with the commissioner while wearing an ill-fitting hat—a true draft night staple—we also got some great red-carpet shots of dudes that were more than camera ready.

Only time will tell how the class of 2023 will pan out basketball-wise, but if their first official night as NBA players is any indication, their tunnel fits will be bold, brash, and beautiful for years to

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The Biggest Fits of the 2023 NBA Draft

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