Prepare Your Saved Folder—14 Instagram-Famous Buys That Stopped Me Mid-Scroll


Longtime readers will know that we at Who What Wear have always prided ourselves on predicting the next big trend before it even happens. Call us overzealous, but we want to arm you with the best possible info before you shop to make sure you get the most for your money. And, as our talents happen to extend to searching through the posts of thousands of fashionable people on Instagram, we’re also pros at spotting the viral pieces that everyone from influencers to editors really love. Whether it’s uncovering a high-street hidden gem or spotlighting the luxury investment piece that’s truly worth buying, we consider it our job share with you an edit of the best of the best to save you precious scrolling time. Sound good? Thought so. 

As we’re fully in the throes of summer weather and (mostly) in holiday mode, this month our radar has been focused on the heatwave-proof pieces and seasonal accessories about to hit the big time, and a quick scroll through our saved posts has thrown up some seriously good burgeoning trends. There are some double-tap worthy items making a strong bid for inclusion in your wardrobe right now, from the buzzy pair of flats that kickstarted an entire trend, to the re-worked denim shorts that you’re about to see everywhere. Keep reading for our picks of the high-street, premium, and luxury items that are cropping up on Instagram this month. There’s plenty worth screenshotting. 

Prepare Your Saved Folder—14 Instagram-Famous Buys That Stopped Me Mid-Scroll

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