9 Anti-Jeans Outfits I Plan on Wearing on Repeat This Summer


We’re a few weeks into summer weather, and if you’re anything like me, a sartorial refresh is due. Since the temperatures climbed past 20 degrees at the start of June, I’ve been trying to stay cool by living in the breeziest pieces in my wardrobe. If an item I own is made of linen or features short sleeves, you bet it’s become my go-to. But as someone who has a low tolerance for the heat (not that I’m complaining—keep the sun coming!), I’ve definitely been prioritising comfort over style lately, and I want to achieve both as we head into July.

So, I’m throwing myself in the deep end and trying out something pretty new to me: skirts. While wide-leg trousers and jeans populate the bulk of our bottoms-focused stories, we’re also keenly aware that skirts have become a fashion crowd favourite over the past year. Personally, I’ve been hesitant to jump on board with the various skirt trends—most recently, denim maxis and crochet midis have swarmed our Instagram feeds—because I associate this clothing category with my teens, which I spent pulling down too-short H&M tube skirts on the regular. At this point, though, I’ve spotted so many chic skirt outfits that I can no longer resist.

They’re also a sophisticated solution to the challenges of heatwave dressing. That’s why influencers like Monikh Dale, Lucy Williams and Who What Wear editor Aniyah Morina (among many, many others) are all turning to skirts to keep them looking polished despite the humid climes. See their effortless looks below, then shop the key pieces you’ll need to re-create them.

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9 Anti-Jeans Outfits I Plan on Wearing on Repeat This Summer

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