Sienna Miller Just Wore the Shoe Trend That’s All Over Zara, ASOS and Mango


When the words “festival fashion” are uttered, my mind goes to one of three people; Kate Moss, Alexa Chung or Sienna Miller. Dressing for a festival is the ultimate challenge; you never know what the weather is going to be like, which means you need to prepare for every eventuality. Plus, if you’re staying on site, where phone service is spotty at best, you won’t have a stylist to compare notes with. In my years spent analysing the outfits of the famous, festival fashion truly highlights those who know how to dress themselves. And Sienna Miller? She doesn’t just fall into that category—she leads it. 

Over the years, Miller has treated us to so many excellent festival ‘fits, but her latest Glastonbury ensemble has to be her best (and one of the easiest to re-create) to date, namely because of her shoe choice. 

Proving there’s more to festival footwear than wellies (sorry, Hunter), Sienna Miller took to Worthy Farm in a pair of shimmery silver cowboy boots—an inspired choice with her double-denim get-up. Was she inspired by the coastal cowgirl aesthetic that’s still sweeping TikTok? Ordinarily I’d say yes, but Miller isn’t one to follow trends, she starts them, and I have a feeling searches for “Sienna Miller cowboy boots” are going to surge after this. 

Although it’s easy to make the Western leap, what I also love about this Sienna Miller outfit is just how distinctly French it feels, owing to the retro styling appeal of her boots and their year-round versatility, I spot more French women wearing cowboy boots than anyone else, be it with floral dresses, short skirts or indeed, denim shorts, just like Sienna. 

Inspired by her Glastonbury shoe choice? I thought you might be. Below you’ll find a selection of the best cowboy boots around, from Mango, ASOS, Zara and many more.

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Sienna Miller Just Wore the Shoe Trend That’s All Over Zara, ASOS and Mango

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