This Wildly Affordable Swiss Watch Brand Is on a Serious Hot Streak


Tissot is the breakout watch brand of 2023 that no one saw coming. There are few more talked-about watches than the Swiss maker’s PRX, which has exploded in popularity via TikTok.  The PRX is a revived ‘70s icon that came out of the same luxury sport watch trend that produced the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus—only with a way, way more affordable price tag. But Tissot isn’t resting on its laurels—now that it’s got a smash hit on its hands, the brand is keeping its hot streak rolling by dipping into its back catalog once again.

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The ‘70s have proven to be a goldmine for Tissot. The brand’s latest release is the Sideral Regatta Timer from 1971, a loud and colorful nautical watch exhumed from Tissot’s archives,  which comes in standout shades of orange, blue, red, and yellow. A bit of trivia: The Sideral was the first watch made from fiberglass (I’ll take totally arcane and useless watch knowledge for $800, Alex). Today’s iteration uses stainless steel and carbon fiber to withstand the elements. The latter material gives the yachting watch a fittingly wavy appearance in addition to a super-durable casing.

The PRX and Sideral aren’t the only Tissot throwbacks making noise right now, though. Take the Tissot Seastar, dating back to the 1960s, quickly regarded as a hallmark of the brand for its hermetically sealed waterproofing. Rarely do you see a watch built for the water, usually so chunky, articulated in such a sleek fit. The jewelry-like Milanese bracelet is the winning detail here. Its vintage quality, while promising 1,000-foot coverage underwater, set a new standard for diving watches. Precision and heritage in one watch for under $1,000? That’s a game changer.

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This Wildly Affordable Swiss Watch Brand Is on a Serious Hot Streak

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