I’ve Done The Research—These Perfume Brands Generate The Most Compliments


As a beauty editor, I’m lucky enough to have tried a lot of the perfume. Fragrance is one of my all-time favourite products, and during my career I’ve amassed an extensive collection of the best perfumes (my current collection stands at around 60 bottles, and new perfumes are always being added into the rotation).

For me, perfume can be a powerful force. A spritz of a fragrance can set the tone for how you want to feel that day. It’s also strongly tied to memories, which is why so many people choose a special perfume for their wedding day, or proclaim a scent as their signature fragrance. And, of course, it’s always fun to switch up your scent with the seasons. Summer fragrances and autumn perfumes are among some of my favourites in my collection, and I rotate these like I rotate pieces in my wardrobe as the temperatures change.

While perfume is totally personal and subjective to everyone, there are certain brands that always generate compliments from others whenever I wear them. Or, if I happen to ask a friend what perfume they are wearing, it’s often some very specific brands or niche perfumes that are mentioned time and time again. And who doesn’t love being complimented on their fragrance?

I’m not one for gatekeeping, so I’ve made note of the best perfume brands that have garnered the most compliments from others. 

I’ve never met a Diptyque perfume that I didn’t like. The French perfume brand has created so many beautiful and chic scents, which have become just as iconic as the brands candles. In fact, Diptyque has a number of celebrity fans, including Victoria Beckham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

When I think of Diptyque fragrances, three words come to mind: Fresh, chic and intriguing. The brand’s scents are unlike anything else I’ve tried. One of Diptyque’s most popular scents is Philosykos (a beautiful take on fig, which encompasses the entire woodiness and greenery of the fig tree as well as the sweet fruit) but I’d highly recommend trying one of its newer scents, L’Eau Papier, which is inspired by paper and has a sweet yet woody quality—I’ve had compliments whenever I’ve worn it. And if you like rose and patchouli fragrance, try Eau Capitale. I’ve even had someone chase me across a restaurant to ask me what I’m wearing.

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I’ve Done The Research—These Perfume Brands Generate The Most Compliments

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