6 Ways to Make This “Dated” Jeans Trend Look Very 2023


In fashion, once something is deemed “out”, you can never be sure it’s gone for good. This is a great news for those of us who pride ourselves on investing in capsule pieces, timeless classics and forever staples.

At a certain point, it felt like skinny jeans were a thing of the past—first with the emergence of the slightly slouchier straight-leg, followed by the ongoing baggy jean craze. But thanks to the likes of Catherine, Princess of Wales and Gisele Bündchen, who refuse to let go of their skin-tight denim, we’ve been reminded just how sleek this controversial cut can look. 

And they’re not the only ones set on keeping skinnies around. Scrolling through Instagram recently, the whole Who What Wear UK team has sensed a fitted-jeans comeback. Style tastemakers including Anouk YveAnne-Laure Mais and Lorna of Symphony of Silk are all showcasing chic summer looks built around this rediscovered staple. Consider us inspired.

So, to assist in spreading the word that skinny jeans are indeed back, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite outfits featuring this divisive denim style. Scroll on to see, and we promise you’ll soon be digging out your skinnies or adding one of the below styles to your wish list.

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6 Ways to Make This “Dated” Jeans Trend Look Very 2023

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