I Asked My Colleagues What I Should Buy With £100—Here’s What They Suggested


Working as a fashion editor has its advantages. Day in and day out, we meticulously examine collections and scour the internet in search of noteworthy items that we can’t wait to share with you. If you’re a regular Who What Wear UK reader, you’re already aware that we strive to feature a diverse range of prices and brands. This includes popular selections from the high street that have captivated our fellow fashion editors and influencers, investment-worthy purchases that truly justify your hard-earned cash, and hidden gems from independent brands that deserve recognition.

It’s through our combined years spent exploring the shopping space that we’re able to determine what’s going to work hard in a wardrobe and what’s going to end up simply taking up space. Given the current landscape, where everyone’s budgets are carefully considered, we need to be more thorough than ever, not just in finding pieces we think will be of value to you, but in being more discerning about the items we actually want to buy for ourselves, too. As such, our on-site edits have become tighter—and so have our personal shopping wish lists. 

So, as we embark on the summer season (and I look to treat myself with some of my payday earnings), I decided to ask our in-house style experts to narrow down their wish lists to just four items that they have their eye on right now, with the caveat that each item has to be £100 or under. Interest piqued? Scroll on to see our editors’ respective affordable shopping picks. Enjoy!

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I Asked My Colleagues What I Should Buy With £100—Here’s What They Suggested

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