The Alex Mill Sale Is a Fever Dream of Menswear Deals


Our least favorite example of the Mandela Effect is undoubtedly the Alex Mill sale. You just assume that it’s A Thing, a reliable anchor of life that you can always turn to in times of style-lessness. On a whim you trawl the site in search of a sale section only to be met with the sobering reminder that it was all in your head, you big dummy. The snappy poplin button-ups, the celeb-loved pleated chinos, the ruggedly handsome chore coats—nary a discounted price tag in sight. “Maybe this is some kind of fun game, an Easter egg playfully hidden in the FAQ section, or even the source code,” says the delirious fool.

But today, you are neither a big dummy nor a delirious fool (at least, not because of the Alex Mill sale). Whether it was our patience or our persistent refreshing that manifested it into existence, for once the Alex Mill sale is actually here, and it’s even better than we’d dreamt: everything the brand does best—from crisp linen pants to burly denim to discerningly good collaborations—is heavily discounted up to 60% off. It’s a treasure trove of menswear upgrades and to save you some time, we culled a handful of our favorite pieces from the very real sale below. Keep scrolling to see our favorite picks from the fever dream of a sale, or check out the discounts in their entirety here.

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  • Brut x Alex Mill Rework vintage tent work jacket

    Alex Mill’s collab with the Parisian vintage dealers at Brut is like striking gold at the antiques market, minus all that tedious digging and sifting.

  • Alex Mill striped “Mill” shirt

  • Alex Mill vintage wash p

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The Alex Mill Sale Is a Fever Dream of Menswear Deals

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