The Real Grail in the New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie Is This Historic Watch


This week, more than 40 years after Harrison Ford first donned his fedora in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the world’s favorite ophidiophobic archaeologist is back for one last adventure in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. In addition to his trademark satchel, scuffed boots, and trusty bullwhip, however, keen-eyed observers will also spot a shiny new accessory in Indy’s wardrobe: a watch. With its barrel-shaped gold-tone case, stylized Arabic numerals, “petite seconde” dial, and a cognac leather strap, the Hamilton American Classic Boulton is perfectly on-vibe for the treasure-hunting professor—and anyone else looking to add a dash of vintage swagger to their summer fits.

Surprisingly, the Boulton is the first watch to get the official Indiana Jones endorsement in the franchise’s four-decade run, but it’s just the latest in a long line of Hamilton tickers to blow up on the big screen. “Being part of the final Indiana Jones movie underlines once again the strong relationship we have had with Hollywood and the movie industry since 1932,” says Hamilton CEO Vivian Stauffer, invoking the Swiss brand’s legacy of memorable movie watches, from the Ventura worn by Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii to the perennially-popular Khaki Field “Murph” created for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Hamilton American Classic Boulton Quartz watch

To come up with the right watch for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Hamilton worked with the film’s prop master and costume designer to find a design that was, much like the inimitable Dr. Jones, equal parts rugged and refined, with a distinctly WWII-era aesthetic. The American Classic Boulton, which the brand says was inspired by a 1940s model from the Hamilton archive, fit the bill to a tee, and was ultimately selected by Ford himself for the job. 

But you don’t need a PHD in archaeology (or Jones’ adventure-seasoned wardrobe) to appreciate the Boulton’s charms; it’ll look just as good with your best camp shirt and woven sandals as it does with a breezy linen suit and loafers. To paraphrase the good doctor himself: it doesn’t belong in a museum—it belo

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The Real Grail in the New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie Is This Historic Watch

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