Best Sellers: 17 Things GQ Readers Couldn’t Stop Buying in June 2023


The GQ Recommends team spends a hell of a lot of time digging through deals and drops to bring you well-informed buying advice, from deep dives on the coziest comforters to our weekly Best New Menswear posts to curated intel on the finest jewelry you can score on Amazon. The 17 bestsellers below resonated hard in June—so we gathered them here, figuring that if everyone else liked what they saw, you might, too. Check ’em out, subscribe to the GQ Recommends newsletter, and drop us a line if there’s anything you’ve been hunting for that could use our help.

From “The Best Polo Shirts Are a Lot Sexier Than You Remember

Polo Ralph Lauren custom fit mesh polo shirt

Ralph’s crisp white OG polo will help you carve out a legacy of your own—as the slickest dresser around. 

Lacoste Legacy short sleeve pique polo shirt

What’s a list of polo shirts without Lacoste? The inventor of the polo is still making its legacy-defining garment today, and still doing it better than most.

From “The Best Swim Trunks Look Great Inside, Outside, and Poolside

Bather swim trunks

This signature model from Bather, a tiny independent label out of Toronto, hits all the marks and then some.

Fair Harbor Bungalow swim trunks

Feeling as cool as that one ’90s soda cup we all remember.

From “The GQ Guide to Summer Style

Nisolo huarache sandals

Just like mesh shirts, a breezy pair of woven leather sandals are the move this summer whether that means a pair of Chris Pine-approved huaraches or a nifty pair of fogey-beloved fisherman sandals.

Miabella solid .925 sterling silver diamond-cut braided rope chain

Bedeck your bare clavicles with a classic curb chain necklace, some colorful summer camp-type beads, a pearl-laden choker, or—if you’re really showing out—everything all at once.

From “Lululemon’s Best Gym Shorts Are on Sale Right Now

Lululemon Pace Breaker Lined Short 7″

Lululemon’s sweat-wicking shorts tend to excel most on the move, but their feather-light feel and sleek look means they’ll overperform post-workout, too.

From “31 Essential Clothing Brands to Help You Build a Rock-Solid Wardrobe Foundation

Gildan crew t-shirts 6-pack

What other T-shirt brand gets name-checked in a Frank Ocean song and makes ultra-durable tees that cost less than $10 a pop?

From “13 Actually Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers (Plus the Breezy Blankets to Top Them Off)

Cultiver linen sheet set

Cultiver has spent a solid decade perfecting its linens since its launch in 2012 (the full line ranges from table linens to bathrobes), and it’s been quietly releasing some of the highest-quality linen sheets out there.

Brooklinen linen quilt

You’ve already embraced linen sheets, why not pile the linen high by adding a blanket? This Brooklinen quilt retains the airiness of linen, but also feels soft and worn-in right out of the box.

From “21 Comfy, Stylish Elastic Waist Pants To Give Your Gams Some Breathing Room

Uniqlo Utility Work Pants

Pair with rakish fisherman sandals and a flowy linen shirt and you’re destined to end up on many a moodboard.

From “The Best Lightweight Hair Creams for Natural-Looking Style

Oribe styling cream

Oribe’s styling cream moisturizes to keep your hair healthy without adding any weight—it’s a must-have for guys with even a slight hint of curl or wave.

Imperial hair cream

This is one of the most straightforward, no frills styling creams out there. It rinses clean as if you never had it in your hair to begin with—not that you could feel it when it was in your mane.

From “Stealth Wealth Mostly Boils Down to One Shirt

Far Afield “Jacob” Polo

The discreet knit polo might be the remit of silver screen billionaires and their IRL counterparts, but you don’t need an offshore account to ape the look.

Abercromie & Fitch Marled Johnny Collar Sweater Polo

Not sure who this “Johnny” fella is, but his polos never fail to do the name justice.

From “The Best Fitness Trackers Keep All Your Health Stats Within Arm’s Reach

Garmin Forerunner 245

The 245 is a lightweight, workout-ready fitness tracker for basically everyone. It boasts an impressive battery life—up to seven days—and even with the GPS running, it’ll go

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Best Sellers: 17 Things GQ Readers Couldn’t Stop Buying in June 2023

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