This Event Inspires the Best and Craziest Watches in Existence. Here Are Our Favorites


Only Watch is a biannual event that auctions off watches to raise money for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. To support the cause, brands go all out, ripping off one-of-one pieces that seem to come out of their boldest creative briefs. This event sold the most expensive wristwatch in the world, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime, and is the reason the F.P. Journe and Francis Ford Coppola watch, which represents time through a mysterious gloved hand, exists. The unveiling of the full slate of watches is one of my favorite days of the every-other-year because we get to see a massive roster of watches that have been pushed to their absolute max. No commercial concerns here!

Today, Only Watch announced the 62 pieces that are coming up for auction in Geneva on November 5, 2023. These are my Only Watch 2023 superlatives.

The Best Idea Award

Richard Mille put one of its extremely modern sport watches at the end of a necklace. If Drake doesn’t buy this I’ll be floored! The piece is indebted to Flavor Flav and you can tell RM had a lot of fun putting this together. Here’s the copy from the website: “A millennia ago, in a long-since vanished society where mechanics, craftsmanship and spirituality were united, this fascinating object emerged. Discovered in the heart of the Swiss mountains, this pendant was imprisoned for an eternity in its wooden receptacle. Nicknamed ‘Talisman Origine’ by the research teams, this mysterious golden relic certainly encapsulated the know-how of an old Swiss tribe.” Romanticize your life by calling your watches mysterious gold

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This Event Inspires the Best and Craziest Watches in Existence. Here Are Our Favorites

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