33 Game-Changing ’60s Fashion Trends We Still Love Today


If someone from the future were to take a peek inside of our wardrobes, they’d have a pretty hard time determining what year it is. This season alone, we’ve got wide-leg denim that looks as if it has come from the ’70s, ’90s accessories like chunky loafers and nylon bags, and statement-making ’80s puff sleeves all thrown together. However, if there’s one decade that quietly overarches them all, it’s the 1960s.

Every season without fail, on and off the runway, some aspect of ’60s fashion is referenced. For example, for the past few winters, we saw loads of fashion people wearing white boots—a classic item from the era—as well as bold floral prints. But that’s not where the influence of ’60s fashion ends. It was a momentous time for fashion and the way we consume it. In the ’50s, Dior set the tone for post-war style with its structured hourglass silhouettes. But come the ’60s, hemlines rose, and waists loosened as the sexual revolution gave way to an onslaught of new fashion possibilities. This makes the ’60s one of the most important decades in fashion history.

Instead of a singular defining trend, it was a time when many fashion tribes emerged, each with a signature style. Rather than fashion houses, it was It girls who set the trends. Brigitte Bardot had her beehive, and Audrey Hepburn practiced chic minimalism. Twiggy’s elfish clothes-horse look made her the poster girl for Mary Quant’s colourful minis. And that’s all before we’ve even discussed the high glamour of the likes of The Supremes and Cher.

However, all of these looks, while different, have one thing in common: We still wear them today. Keep scrolling to click through the ’60s fashion trends we’ll never chuck out of our wardrobes. You might be surprised at just how many you already own.

Now that we’ve sorted through the ’60s, let’s get on to the biggest autumn/winter 2022 fashion trends you really ought to know about.

This piece was published at an earlier time and has recently been updated. 

33 Game-Changing ’60s Fashion Trends We Still Love Today

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