These Are the Beauty Tools Skincare Experts Actually Want You to Use


Proving that the best beauty tools don’t have to be expensive or electrical, Ellner prefers using a gua sha over other facial devices. “Gua sha boards—carved from jade or bian-stone—are used to gently pull and lift the planes of the face, for an immediate boost in skin microcirculation,” she explains. “Over time, it stimulates an intracellular injury response, supporting cell-metabolism, and collagen and elastin production for a lifted look and a healthy, radiant glow.”

The benefits of regular gua sha use are multifarous, ranging from reduce puffiness to improved radiance. “For skin rejuvenation, it’s incredible,” adds Ellner. “I recommend it to my patients who wake in the morning feeling puffy, or those that have stubborn under eye bags, and those who feel their facial contours aren’t sitting as high as perhaps they once did.”

According to Ellner, a five-minute gua sha routine is like the equivalent of a one-hour facial, if administered correctly. She recommends using upward strokes, medium-pressure, and holding the gua sha board at a 45 degree angle to the face. “Start with upward strokes at the neck, with a gentler pressure, and then, beginning from the chin, pull the gua sha board,” she adds. “The key mistakes I see are people not using enough pressure, using it cold, gliding too fast and angling it at a right angle to the skin.”

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These Are the Beauty Tools Skincare Experts Actually Want You to Use

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