This Unexpected Perfume Is The Key to Smelling Expensive This Summer


Coconut perfumes can be divisive. There are those who associate the smell of coconut with their overly sweet teenage perfume that they doused themselves in after P.E. lessons, and those in the know. The latter camp know that the best coconut perfumes smell luxurious without being sickly, and with just a sniff, manage to transport you away to sunnier climes dotted with palm trees. And who doesn’t want a holiday in a bottle?

In my opinion, coconut fragrances are among the best summer perfumes. Whilst classic coconut smells delicious—think sweet, creamy, nutty— coconut perfumes can be done in so many ways, and it’s actually a surprisingly versatile perfume note. Some perfumers call upon the creamy coconut milk note, whereas others might dabble with a splash of coconut water as an ingredient, making the result all the more lighter and refreshing. So, our favourite coconut fragrances showcase many interpretations. Some smell like sun-kissed skin and salty, wind-swept beach days (thank you, Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk); while others, like Byredo’s Velvet Haze, take coconut and make it mysterious and opulent. And paired with fruity notes, it can make you feel like you’re sipping a piña colada poolside, unbothered in the knowledge that your out of office is on for the next two weeks. Bliss.

With so many takes on coconut perfume, where should you start if you’re looking for the one you’re most likely to love? From creamy, sweet and fruity to everything in between, I’ve rounded up the best coconut fragrances below.

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This Unexpected Perfume Is The Key to Smelling Expensive This Summer

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